Community INO

Kabila Initial NFT Offering

The Kabila Community INO will consist of the sale of 7,900 KEY (Kabila Early Years) NFTs.

The KEY NFT comes in two different styles, both offering the same utility.


Official KEY Token ID: 0.0.5959530

KEY NFT Details and Benefits

The KEY NFT will enable loyal community members to participate in the presale of the $KBL token and enjoy the following ecosystem benefits:

  • Access exclusive Kabila DApps features and perks

  • Access to a one-time claim of 15,000 $KBL tokens

  • Access to $KBL staking multiplier

  • Access to KEY holders chat

A total of 100 KEY NFTs will be reserved for marketing initiatives and community rewards.

Only the first 8,000 KEY NFTs will provide access to the one-time claim of 15,000 $KBL tokens and $KBL community early airdrops.

INO Stages, Access and Discounts

The INO of the KEY NFTs will take place on Kabila Market through a 4-stage Launchpad.

The Launchpad will have 2 NFT-gated stages for Kabila early members, 1 NFT-gated stage for the Hedera community (KEIA NFT Holders), and a final public stage for everyone.

The KEY NFTs will be available for purchase in $HBAR, with prices pegged to the dollar, and according to the following schedule:

Availability in Stage 1 and Stage 2 will be guaranteed and based on the assigned allocation.

Availability in Stage 3 will depend on the total number of KEIA holders minting.

Availability in the Public phase will not be guaranteed and will depend on sales from previous stages.

KEIA NFTs (Kabila Early INO Access)

The KEIA NFTs will provide access to the third stage of the INO (Pre-Public) at a discounted price.

These NFTs will be airdropped one week before the INO to Hedera community members who meet the following criteria:

  • ✅ Have associated the KEIA Token ID: 0.0.5959486

  • ✅ Have at least 1,000 HBAR in their Account

The utility of the KEIA NFTs includes the following benefits:

  • Kabila INO Pre-Public Access

  • Kabila INO Discount

  • $KBL Early Community Airdrops (daily claimable rewards over a 12-month period)

Besides these benefits, all KEIA NFTs will include with the following educational resources:

  1. KBL Whitepaper

  2. INO One Pager

  3. Kabila First Steps

  4. How to NFT

  5. Brand NFTs

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