NFT Metadata

Multimedia File + Information + Attached Files

The NFT Metadata refers to all the information attached to each NFT you mint/create.

Usually, most Hedera NFTs follow the HIP-412 Metadata Scheme, which is a standard widely adopted by the community to agree on what information NFTs should contain.

These are the 3 main elements all NFTs should contain:

1. Main Media File (Mandatory)

All NFTs must contain a main Media File. A file that could be an image (.PNG or .JPG), a GIF, a video (.mp4), an audio file (.mp3), a 3D file (.glb), etc.

You'll always need to define a main media file for each NFT you create.

This Main Media File will be used by Wallets and Marketplaces to display the NFT.

2. NFT Information (Mandatory)

On Hedera, this typically refers to the NFTยดs written information:

  • Name. The name of the NFT.

  • Creator. The name of the brand or artist.

  • Description. The description of the NFT (usually around 300-500 characters).

Attributes and Properties (Optional)

Additionally to the main NFT information, an NFT could include:

  • Attributes. Additional pieces of structured information, commonly used for traits in PFP Collections.

  • Properties. Additional attached files (images, videos, 3D files, PDFs, etc).

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