🌿Hedera Network

The Trust Layer of the Internet.

All Kabila DApps run on the Hedera network.

Similar to traditional blockchains, Hedera provides a trust layer for companies and individuals to build their DApps (Decentralized Apps). Although Hedera is technically not a blockchain, it employs a more efficient, sustainable, and cost-effective distributed technology called "Hashgraph".

In simple terms, Hedera is like a supercharged Blockchain!

With $HBAR being it's native token.

Here are three reasons why we chose to build Kabila on Hedera:

Hashgraph: best industry tech

Hedera utilizes a unique technology called Hashgraph, ensuring speedy and secure transactions. Think of it as an ultra-efficient way of keeping track of ownership. With Hashgraph, transactions are swift, fees are minimal, and it's environmentally friendly, requiring very little energy.

  • Hedera is secure. Hedera is ABFT, the gold standard in the industry, ensuring secure and decentralized transaction agreement even in the face of potential malicious actors.

  • It offers fixed, super-low fees. The efficiency of the network allows for not only some of the lowest fees in the industry but also stable fees fixed to the dollar's price. For example, a transaction on Hedera costs as little as $0.0001. Independently of the network's saturation.

  • Super-fast transactions. The average consensus time of the network is only 3-4 seconds. You'll see how everything works fast and smooth!

  • The greenest network. Thanks to the efficiency of the Hashgraph algorithm, Hedera has the lowest energy consumption. The consumption is so low that Hedera is carbon negative!

A trusted, responsible Governing Model

The Hedera Governing Council is a group of trusted organizations that make important decisions about the Hedera network. It's a good decentralized governing model because it ensures that no single entity has too much control, making the network more reliable and fair.

Instead of one person or company in charge, there are several organizations from all over the world working together. Each member has a say in how the network operates, which helps prevent any single entity from making all the rules. This way, decisions are made collectively, making the network more secure and decentralized. It's like having a group of highly trusted and highly experienced guardians watching over the network, rather than one big boss.

Learn more about the Hedera Governing Council.

Betting on the ecosystem

Rather than allocating significant resources to advertising, Hedera strategically invests in its ecosystem through foundations like The HBAR Foundation or The Hasgraph Association. These foundations offer financial, technical, and institutional support to all projects building on Hedera.

Think of it as a long-term investment, planting seeds for numerous innovative applications and companies in the years to come. A strategy that has propelled Hedera to a position among the top networks in terms of active developers and Top1 in terms of transactions per second.

In conclusion, we selected Hedera because we believe it offers the best solution in the market for providing a superb user experience while maintaining high standards of security, trust, and reliability.

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