👀Why we do it

We are a group of creators—entrepreneurs, artists and engineers—who have had enough.

The 3 BIG Problems.

Kabila was born in 2022 as a response to three of the most challenging problems, creators and communities face today:

  • ❌ Digital Tenants. Almost everything we create and build online doesn't truly belong to us—multimedia files, personal data, and, most importantly, connections with our audiences. We've built our digital economies on someone else's plot.

  • ❌ Unfair Compensation. Currently, the majority of our content and attention are monetized by two or three major platforms, not us. Creators with millions of views struggle to make ends meet each month.

  • ❌ Funding Barriers. Historically, access to funding has been a privilege. Either you came from a wealthy family, had great connections, or the journey to funding your idea/project was highly limited and exhausting.

The Web3 BIG Fix: tokenize everything, for the future is yours!

Thanks to scalable Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLTs) like Hedera, we now have a public layer beneath big platforms, governments, and banks. A trusted network anyone can access and use, where anything of value can have a digital registry in the form of a token.

A global open layer for everyone, that uses accounts and tokens to show ownership in a precise, immutable, and transparent way.

Where ownership can exist in the form of digital money (fungible tokens) or unique certificates of ownership (NFTs) for anything valuable—houses, luxury watches, or even intangible assets like:

👉 The perceived value of a brand, creator-fan relationships or personal data.

And this changes the whole game...

Here's how Web3 and Asset Tokenization fix the 3 BIG Problems:

  • Digital Owners. We're shifting from an information-centric Internet to a User-Centric one. Where users gain full control and ownership of anything they value: money, personal data, follower relationships, game items, academic certificates, and more.

  • Fair Compensation. With users back in control, they set the rules for economic compensation, monetizing the value they provide. This will unlock a new era of prosperity for thousands of creators and project initiators.

  • Accessible Funding. Tokens and NFT Collections demonstrate how a creator can fund a new project with help from their community. A trusted creator can leverage Brand NFTs, and fans can back their favourite projects, gaining special perks and accesses. It's easy, fast and convenient.

Curious to know how we envision this new era? Check out Our Vision!

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