Token Manager

Full control over your tokens

Use this tool to manage both fungible and non-fungible tokens from one place.

Simply input the Token ID you want to manage, and based on its set Keys, you'll be prompted with a list of actions to perform on the Token. Learn more about Token Keys.

Burn Tokens

If you input an NFT Token ID, you'll have to select the NFTs to burn from a list. Please note that here you'll only be able to burn NFTs within the Treasury Account. If you want to delete NFTs or FTs from a different Account, please check the next section: Wipe Tokens.

If you input a FT Token ID, you'll have to define the amount of tokens to burn from the Treasury Account.

The Supply Key will be required to sign the operation.

Wipe Tokens

If you've set the Wipe Key, you can use this feature to wipe FTs or NFTs from a specific Account ID.

Simply enter the Account ID you want to wipe tokens from and select the specific NFTs or input the token amount if it's a Fungible Token.

Use this Key responsibly.

Pause/Unpause Token

Pausing a Token is one of the most risky operations you can perform.

A Token pause will prevent all its fungible or non-fungible tokens from being involved in any kind of operation: updating the token, transferring the token, minting or burning tokens, associating the token, wiping tokens, etc.

In order to pause/unpause a Token, just input it's Token ID and confirm the operation with the Pause Key.

If you only need to pause one Account, then check the Freeze Account section below.

Grant/Revoke KYC

This action enables you to apply KYC (Know Your Customer) requirements to specific accounts for the given token.

When KYC is set for a token, accounts must be KYC-approved to receive or transfer tokens. For instance, if you grant KYC to certain accounts, send them NFTs, and later revoke the KYC status, those accounts will no longer be able to transfer those NFTs, effectively making them Soul-Bound Tokens.

This feature is often employed for NFT diplomas or course completion certificates that should not be transferable from one user to another. But it has numerous other potential applications.

Freeze/Unfreeze Account

Performing this action will freeze the specified account, preventing it from transferring any FTs/NFTs from the Token.

Simply input the Account ID you want to freeze and confirm the operation with the Freeze Key.

Update Token

If your Token has the Admin Key set, you'll have the capability to update certain properties, including the Treasury Account, Auto Renew Account, Name, and Symbol.

Simply select the specific properties you wish to update, input the new information, and then confirm the operation using the Admin Key.

Update Token Fees (Royalties)

If you have set up the Fee Key, you will have the option to update the fees and royalties of a token, including removing existing fees/royalties and adding new ones.

Simply configure the new token fees and confirm the operation using the Fee Key.

Reset Keys

If you set up the Admin Key, you'll be able to reset all previosuly added Keys on the Token.

Just select which Keys you'd like to reset and click Continue.

A pop-up will show all the new Token Keys. It's very important that you copy and save the new Keys in a safe place.

Once you've copied the new Keys, you'll need to sign the operation with the Admin Key. Please note that

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