Explore and mint the best NFT launches.

Within the Launchpads section you'll find three categories:

  1. Upcoming. This section displays all created Launchpads that are scheduled to launch soon but do not have any active stages open for minting yet.

  2. Live. Here, you can access all currently active Launchpads. Click on the Launchpad you wish to mint and proceed with the minting process.

  3. Sold Out. This section showcases all previous Launchpads that have successfully sold out all their NFTs.

When you click on a Live Launchpad you'll be able to access the following basic information:

  • Launchpad Banner, Logo, Title and Tier.

  • Payment Token and Public Price.

  • Total NFTs for sale.

  • Token ID.

  • Stage.

Launchpad Stages provide you with information about the current phase of the Launchpad and help you determine the accesses and discounts you are entitled to on each stage.

When you click on 'See Discounts' for a particular stage, you will view both the general discounts and accesses available, as well as those specifically applicable to you. You can also check which ones you have already used.

Finally, if you scroll down, you'll be able to access the rest of the Launchpad details, such us:

  • Social Media Links.

  • Project Description.

  • Team Members.

  • Project Roadmap.

  • Additional Docs.

  • Collection Details.

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