Create a Collection

Create a Collection before minting NFTs

Think of the Collection as the box where you'll later introduce the NFTs.

The following details will be required:

  • Collection Name*.

  • Collection Symbol*.

  • Max Supply*. The maximum number of NFTs that you'll be able to mint in it. The Max Supply cannot be changed, so make sure you make enough room for all your NFTs to fit in!

  • Private Keys*. The Token Keys will give you control over your Collection. But keep in mind that with great power comes greater responsibility! Learn more about the Token Keys here.

  • Royalties. Define different royalties and recipients for each NFT transaction in the secondary market. Royalties are not mandatory.

Once you fill all details and click on Continue, you'll be presented with all the Token Keys previously selected.

--- It is VERY IMPORTANT that you copy and save the Token Keys in a safe place. ---

Once you continue and confirm the token creation operation, the network will provide you with the unique Token ID for your newly created Collection.

Copy your Token ID as you'll need it to mint NFTs later on!

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