Token Transfers

Send and receive Hedera tokens.

Follow the instructions below to send and receive tokens with your Kabila Wallet.

Send Tokens

To send tokens from your account to another Hedera-based account, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the "Tokens" section.

  2. Click on Send button. This is the green button located in the upper right corner.

  3. Select Recipient. In this section, you'll need to input the Hedera Account ID you want to send the funds to, and click on Next. Note that you can also send funds to Domain names (like kabila.hbar or others).

  1. Choose Token. Now, select the type of token you want to transfer.

  2. Specify Amount. Enter the number of tokens you wish to transfer. You can define the total amount either in tokens or in fiat currency.

  3. Add a Memo (Optional). Include any notes you want with the transfer. Keep in mind that some exchanges may require a memo for receiving and processing crypto transfers.

  1. Review the transfer details. Double-check that the recipient's account and the total amount to be transferred are correct.

  2. Click on "Send". Confirm the transfer and wait for the Success message to appear.

Receive Tokens

To receive tokens from other accounts, simply share your Account ID.

You can find your Account ID at the top centre of the Wallet App, just below the Account Alias.

There are three types of Hedera account structures. Click on your Account ID to view and copy the one you prefer:

  • Standard Account. This is the regular Account ID format, for example: 0.0.1234567

  • With Checksum. This adds a slash and four extra characters to the Standard ID, providing an additional security layer against typos. While using the checksum is optional, we recommend providing your Account ID with it. Example: 0.0.1234567-abcd

  • EVM Address. This is the EVM compatible ID of your account, necessary for interacting with certain Ethereum-based applications.

Token Association

On Hedera, before being able to receive tokens (other than HBAR) or NFTs, you need to associate their Token ID with your Account. This is a security measure to avoid spam tokens.

If a specific token is not associated within your account, you won't be able to receive it.

To associate new tokens, go to the "Tokens" section and click on the upper left button "+ Associate Token".

Then select a token from the "Known tokens" list or manually add the Token ID.

And click on "Associate".

After successfully associating the Token, you'll be ready to receive tokens with that specific Token ID.

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