DApp Connector

Connect with the best DApps through Wallet Connect

The DApp connector will allow you to connect your Wallet with different DApps on Hedera.

DApps, short for Decentralized Applications, require a connected account to perform operations. The DApp Connector facilitates these connections and signatures between your Hedera Accounts and DApps.

In order to connect your Accounts with DApps, you'll have different methods:

Connect with QR Code or Pairing String

When you access a DApp and click on 'Connect', you'll find the option to 'Wallet Connect'.

Upon selecting 'Wallet Connect', you'll be presented with a QR Code and a Pairing String. Some DApps may also display small Wallet icons representing approved Wallets, allowing you to connect directly to with preferred Wallet.

If you're using the Kabila Wallet on Android or iOS, you can simply scan the QR Code using your device's camera. For those using the Kabila Wallet Chrome Extension, copy the Pairing String and paste it into the 'Pairing String' field within the DApps section. Then, click 'Connect DApp'.

A signature request will appear, prompting you to choose which Account you wish to connect. Select your desired Account and click 'Approve'.

The connected DApp should now appear in the 'Connected' section, signaling that you are ready to start interacting with it.

Official and Custom

You can also connect with DApps directly through Kabila Wallet.

Simply go to the 'Official' section and select one of the official DApps to connect and interact with them directly from your wallet.

Ensure you connect your Wallet only to official and trusted DApps, and always double-check the URL before connecting.

Alternatively, you can visit the 'Custom' section and paste the URL of the DApp you want to access and connect with.

Finally, if you face any connection problems or just want to disconnect from a specific DApp, go to Connected DApps and click on right red button 'Remove' in order to completely disconnect from the DApp.

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