Management Features

There are 2 sections in Settings: Selected Account Settings and Global Settings.

Selected Account Settings

Within the 'Selected Account' tab you can perform the following actions:

  • Alias. Easily modify your selected account alias.

  • Private Key & Seed Phrase. Here, you can view and reset your Private Key and Seed Phrase. It's crucial to note that when resetting your Account Keys, you must securely record the new Seed Phrase and Private Key. Both operations will require you to enter your General Password.

  • Automatic Token Associations. This feature enables you to enable automatic token associations to receive fungible or non-fungible tokens in your account, even if they haven't been manually associated before.

Global Settings

Within the 'Global' tab you can perform the following actions:

  • Origin Account. Update the Origin Account used to pay new account creation fees.

  • Currency. Choose your preferred currency for viewing balances and transactions.

  • Password. Change your application password for unlocking accounts.

  • Auto-Lock. Enable or disable Wallet Auto-Lock and set the idle time before automatic locking.

  • Clear Local Data. Erase all local data, including private keys, seed phrases, and device information. Ensure you have securely stored your Seed Phrases before proceeding!

  • Restart Wallet Connect Data. Automatically disconnect your Accounts from all DApps.

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