Mint w/ Existing Metadata

Minting with CIDs

Use this tool to mint NFTs with existing Metadata (CIDs) into an existing Collection. Learn more about NFT Metadata in this section.

The 5 things you'll need before minting are:

  • A Token ID. Meaning, a Collection in which to mint your NFTs.

  • Amount to mint. How many NFTs you want to mint.

  • Mint Type. If you are minting identical or different NFTs.

  • CID Links. One or several CID Links depending on Mint Type.

  • Supply Key. The Token Supply Key will be required in the last step to sign the operation.

In order to mint identical NFTs you'll be required to input one CID Link. You can generate Metadata CID Links with the IPFS Manager tool.

Once you input the CID Link, the NFT data will show up before confirming the minting. Note that this metadata cannot be changed. If you need different Metadata details, use another CID Link or create a new one with the IPFS Manager tool.

To finalize, click Continue and sign the operation with your Wallet.

Finally, if you need to mint different NFTs with various Metadata CIDs, you'll need to provide the CID Links. You'll have two options to provide the Metadata CIDs:

  • Copy and Paste your CIDs from a spreadsheet.

  • Import a .cKBL file containing all CIDs generated previously with the IPFS Manager tool.

Afterward, you'll be able to review all NFT Metadata within the Table before proceeding with the minting process. Note that you will not be able to modify any details with already generated Metadata CIDs.

Finally, the Supply Key will be required to sign the operation and mint the NFTs.

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