5-Step NFT Strategy

The Art of NFTs

Over the coming years, Brands NFTs will play a key role in the marketing and financial strategy of thousands of personal and corporate brands.

Understanding how to properly leverage Brand NFTs to tokenize your Community will imply a significant competitive advantage.

In this section, we've summarized the learnings from over 2 two years of helping launch hundreds of NFT Collections from different creators and brands.

And we've defined a simple, 5-Step Process to work on before minting/selling your Brand NFTs:

We don't say these should always be the required or only steps to develop your NFT Strategy, but you should definitely always have a plan before issuing NFTs.

Similar to Token Design, NFT Strategy can be considered an art, with its entire process and combination of various disciplines: marketing, sales, storytelling, brand design, pricing, technology, etc.

We're still in the early days of Brand NFTs and Tokenized Communities, and we should always remain open to new ideas.

Here's our 5-Step NFT Strategy. Feel free to use, adapt, or discard any parts to suit your needs!

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