2. Community

Go far together.

🤝 Community is everything.

Community is not about whitelists, airdrops or forced collabs.

You need to spend time with your people. You need to create real value. You need to have fun.

And most importantly, you need to show up every single day.

Spending time with your community is the best investment you can do.

Listen to them and give them love.

It's really that simple, and that hard at the same time.

There is no shortcuts.

👀 The Trust Economy

Thanks to blockchains, money and value will flow faster than ever.

That will create many great opportunities, but lots of risks too.

Which will make transparency and trust the ultimate superpowers in Web3.

You need to treat your community like adults if you want to get their respect.

And you need to commit and show up every day if you want to earn their trust.

  • Build trust by having a clear, achievable plan.

  • Build trust by being doxxed.

  • Build trust by being focused.

  • Build trust by showing up every day.

  • Build trust by being honest.

  • Build trust by being consistent.

  • Build trust by overdelivering.

  • Build trust by listening and being responsive.

We're moving from the attention economy to the trust economy.

So be trustworthy.

đŸ’Ē Tokenize your Community

Once you have a clear mission, once you've clearly defined your brand identity and once you've already started creating your community for a few months, then you should start thinking about tokenizing your community (by leveraging Brand NFTs).

If you don't know yet why you should be tokenizing your community, check this section.

Now, when thinking on tokenizing your community, a few questions might arise, as there are many valid ways of doing it.

In the next section we'll share with you the strategy that has worked for us.

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