3. Strategy

Planning is everything.

When it comes to releasing NFTs, it's not like there's much written about it.

NFTs are new and we're still learning how to properly use the technology.

The Kabila team has been playing and working with Brand NFTs since 2021, launched several collections and helped many brands and communities launch their own Brand NFTs.

And we've had many successes but also a good amount of mistakes. And here are the lessons we learned from them:

⭐ The OG Collection

It's always a good idea to start with an "OG Collection", a highly limited and exclusive collection of high-utility Brand NFTs.

The size of this collection, whether it's 100 NFTs or 300 NFTs in three batches of 100, should depend on the size of your community.

But whatever you do, make it super scarce, and ensure everyone knows that these NFTs will be the most exclusive and high-utility ones ever.

Those first NFTs should sell out within seconds.

And if done correctly, this first collection will likely attract the core of your community for the following years. They were the first to support you, who knew you, and who trusted you enough to purchase your NFTs early on.

Now, they own too a piece of your brand and story, and if they see you working hard, they'll likely contribute to making it a success story as well.

The OG Collection will not only help you learn and generate revenue but, most importantly, it will create a core community of loyal supporters to accompany you on your journey

Take good care of the OGs and they will take good care of you.

πŸ“Ά Batch Minting vs One Shot Minting

After the OG Collection (months, not days!) you might start thinking on preparing for a bigger Collection in order to grow the community.

Commonly known as the PFP Collection.

PFP comes from Profile Picture, and refers to those typical images of animals or weird creatures in different styles and with different traits that people uses a profile pictures especially con Twitter.

Batch Minting Graph (Similar to Startup Fundraising Series, you let more parnters join as you grow!)

You can decide to have scarcity (people can speculate) or not (infinite supply). So that's up to you! Just think of Pokemon Cards.

But wether you go Limited Supply or Max Supply, we always always recommend Batch Minting.

What's Batch Minting? It's a way to grow organically without dumping on your community. Taking care of the SRM.

If you're selling Brand NFTs, then you should always look into Batch Minting. And should care about your SRM.

βš–οΈ SRM - Supply Release Metric

The SRM is a very simple metric yet very important to understand supply and demand of a collection.

SRM = Community Size / Minted NFTs

For example, having an SRM above 3 is a good sign.

We believe that anything below 3 is a sign that the supply could be too big for the community at this point.

It is important for projects to be leveraging scarcity.

πŸ“ One Pager

We highly recommend designing a simple One-Pager with all the upcoming mint details, benefits and project information. Especially the exact mint date and time.

Most people are busy and will find it hard to read and digest a long Whitepaper. Even though having longer documents can be helpful, you should always have a One Pager.

The One Pager is great marketing material leading up to the mint, you should be sharing with everyone interested at least 2-4 weeks ahead of time.

πŸ’° Pricing

There can be very different pricing strategies depending on the nature of the project.

That being said, we always recommend a middle ground.

Price is a very important value driver, so you donΒ΄t want to undervalue your project with a really low price.

On the flipside, you also want to make the mint accessible to a wide range of people,

From our experience, a good range is starting at 25-30$ pero NFT, up to about 65-70$.

Price can also vary based on supply, demand and added utilities.

⌚ Timings

Timing is everything.

Timing the ideal market and community sentiment is hard, so you must get creative.

Preparing a pre-mint marketing strategy is a must.

The same effort that went into the branding, art and community building, now must go into getting eyes on your project, and for that you need time.

It's critical that you spend at least 1 month reminding everyone the exact date and hour of the mint (good idea is to use Social Media to spread the the One-Pager far and wide)

Come mint day, we also suggest you use urgency to help sell-out.

We have found that a very short presale window, such as 15mins, really helps generate momentum for the public sale.

If you donΒ΄t sell out within 24-48h we would recommend closing the launchpad, and save the remaining NFTs for another batch when the demand has grown.

Leaving a Launchpad open can be unappealing.

🀝 Collabs

Bring other PFPs along for the ride!

Collaborating with other NFT projects and their communities can be a great way to grow together.

You can learn from one another, cross-pollinate communities, and come up with creative ways to give back to both your holders.

During the build up to a mint, collab giveaways can be a great way to spread the word and engage the wider community.

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