Dynamic Lists

Take snapshots easily.

The Dynamic Lists Tool allows you to generate lists of Account IDs based on defined conditions and on-chain data.

There are five different criteria to select from:

  • Holds more than X NFTs

  • Holds more than X FTs

  • Holds specific NFT Serials

  • Check if X Token is already associated

  • Has held X NFTs for a specific amount of time

In addition to the different criteria, with the new Dynamic Lists you can now add AND/OR conditions.

Here's an example with the following conditions:

#Condition1 -> Account needs to hold more than 1 NFTs from SIWAS Collection (0.0.2179656)


#Condition2 -> Account needs to hold more than 100,000 $SAUCE Tokens (0.0.731861)

The output will return a list of all Account IDs who hold at least one NFT from SIWAS, and at the same time are holding more than 100,000 $SAUCE.

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