Project Tiers

Trust, but verify.

At Kabila we believe that transparency is key.

The more information and details provided, the better it will be for users and communities when making a purchase decision.

That's why we developed a 3-Tier Verification System:

Verified Social Media

Description: This initial tier mark is used to confirm the ownership of the creator's social media account.

How to get it: To achieve this verification, a randomly generated code will be created within the Launchpad Control Panel. The Creator must share the code with Kabila via their Twitter/X social media account, through direct message (DM).

Previous Required Verifications: None.

Doxxed Team

Description: To attain the 'Doxxed Team' tier mark, project creators must publicly or privately disclose their team members' identities.

How to get it: Projects are required to send an email to, providing the following team members' information: Full Name, ID photo, and personal social media links.

Previous Required Verifications: Social Media

Description: The 'Featured Project' tier mark is awarded exclusively to projects that meet high-quality standards.

How to get it: To earn the 'Featured Project' mark, projects must meet the following 10 requirements:

1. Project Maturity. Project should have been initiated at least 3 months before applying to be Featured.

2. Clear Brand Mission. Articulate the brand/project mission in one simple sentence, clearly explaining the specific problem addressed, target audience, and proposed solution (product/service).

3. Community Size. Mantain a community of at least 3,000 members/followers on X (Twitter) or Discord. Boosted accounts with bots won't qualify.

4. Community Engagement. Achieve an average of 1,000 Tweet visualizations over the past 10 tweets/posts. Boosted farming metrics with bots won't qualify.

5. Utility. Providing at least 3 benefits to NFT holders.

6. Art. Showcase unique, original artwork.

7. One Pager. Present a well-designed One Pager document with the main project details.

8. Roadmap. Outline a roadmap for at least 3 months post-mint.

9. RSR. Mantain an RSR above 3. RSR is calculated as Twitter Followers / Total NFTs minted.

10. Kabila Call. Successfully complete a 30-minute video call with the Kabila team.

Previous Required Verifications: Social Media + Doxxed Team

*Kabila can only commit to providing marketing support to Featured Projects.

**Kabila holds the final say in choosing projects to be showcased as 'Featured'.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION None of the three verifications guarantees the success or proper execution of any project.

All verifications simply offer additional, verified information to provide transparency and assist users in making more informed decisions.

Kabila is not responsible under any circumstances for the information provided or the future development of NFT projects created and launched from Tools or Market DApps, including those with the Featured Verification.

Remember that any NFT purchase may involve associated risks linked to the execution and development of each project.

Always conduct your own research and make decisions based on thorough and independent analysis.

DYOR & enjoy a safe mint!

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