NFT Gallery

Collect, transfer or simply admire your Hedera NFTs!

The NFT Gallery is the section in your Wallet where you can view and manage your NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens).

Associate NFT

On Hedera, before being able to receive NFTs you'll need to associate their Token ID.

The Token ID serves as the official identifier for an NFT collection, making each collection unique and original.

To associate a new NFT, go to "Gallery" and click on the upper right button "Associate NFT".

Then introduce the Token ID from the NFT collection and click on "Associate".

Now you can receive NFTs from that collection!

Token Association is a unique security feature on Hedera designed to prevent the receipt of scam/spam tokens from unknown accounts.

The first thing that appears in your Gallery are your NFT collections, along with their names and Token IDs.

When you click on a specific collection you'll be able to see all the NFTs you own from that specific collection. Note that all NFTs within a collection have a unique #SerialNumber

When you click on a specific NFT you'll access its metadata: media files + NFT details.

Send NFTs

Sending NFTs from your Gallery is simple!

Open the NFT you want to send, click the bottom-right "Send" button, add the recipient's account (ensure the recipient has associated the Token ID of the NFT Collection beforehand), and click Send!

Note: Some NFTs with "Fallback Fees" can only be sent using the Safe Trade tool.

If you need to send multiple NFTs, check the Bulk Sender feature within Kabila Tools.

Finally if you're looking to sell some of your NFTs or planning to carry out a P2P transaction with someone you don't know, use the NFT Safe Trade tool for a secure transaction.

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