đŸ”ĸFirst Steps

Get a Wallet and get started!

Install Kabila Wallet and create an Account

The first thing you'll need in Web3, is a Wallet and an Account.

👉 Learn how to install Kabila Wallet and create your first Account.

Accounts are like digital safes that live on the Hedera network. And they are composed of 2 main elements:

  • Account ID. A unique public identifier of your Account address on the network. On Hedera, the Account ID looks something like this: 0.0.5205915

  • Private Key or Seed Phrase. An alphanumeric or 24-word secret code that grants access to your account and its funds. Never lose or share your Private Key!

Then, comercial Wallets like Kabila Wallet are just software programs that allow you to access your account, manage your assets and interact with other DApps. But remember:

Your assets live on the network, in your Account. Kabila will never store any assets nor have access to your Private Keys or Seed Phrases. As long as you retain your Private Key or Seed Phrase you'll be in control.

Buy $HBAR with Kabila Wallet

$HBAR is the native token of the Hedera network. Similar to $ETH on Ethereum, $HBAR is the token used to pay for the Hedera network fees.

You can purchase $HBAR with your Credit Card directly from Kabila Wallet.

Learn how here.

Buy your first NFT with Kabila Market!

Now that you have an Account with some $HBAR you're now ready to buy your first NFT!

To do so, follow the next steps:

  1. Connect your Wallet by clicking on the right upper button "Connect Wallet".

  2. Select the Account you'd like to connect with and approve the connection.

  3. Click on a Launchpad with a live mint on the "Minting Now" section.

  4. Select the amount of NFTs you'd like to purchase and click on Buy NFTs.

Congrats! You're now an NFT holder 😎

You can learn more about Kabila Market here.

Create your first NFT Collection

If you're looking to create your first NFTs, head over Kabila Tools and get your Creator Pass.

The Creator Pass is a non-transferable NFT that will give you access to the tools for a specific amount of time (3, 6 or 12 months). Check the Tools Pricing page to learn more about platform fees.

Once you have your Creator Pass, head over to the NFT Creation section in the left menu.

Now you'll only need to create a Collection (Token ID) and start minting your first NFTs!

Explore the NFT Creation step-by-step guide.

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