FT Creation

Create and mint your Fungible Tokens!

With this Tool you'll be able to create a Fungible Token and mint tokens on it later on.

First select the operation you want to perform:

If you click on "Create a Fungible Token", you'll need to fill the following details:

  • Token Name. The name of the token.

  • Token Symbol. A short abbreviation of the token name, usually consisting of 2 to 5 letters.

  • Token Decimals. The number of decimal places this token will have.

  • Max Supply. The maximum number of tokens that can be minted.

  • Initial Supply. The initial supply of tokens that will be minted.

  • Token Keys. The various token keys required to perform actions on the token in the future.

Finally, after creating a Fungible Token, you'll have the ability to mint additional tokens up to the Max Supply as long as you establish and retain the Supply Key:

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