Community Early Airdrops

Rewarding loyal community members.

The Community Early Airdrops program seeks to reward Kabila's most loyal community members with 30,000,000 $KBL tokens distributed through daily claims over a 12-month period.

The airdrop start date will be announced after the TGE. Every 24 hours, a snapshot will be taken, and community members can claim daily rewards based on their Kabila NFT holdings.

To receive their KBL, users will need to connect their wallet to and claim their rewards.

The following table shows the rewards associated with each NFT. The rewards are cumulative, based on the total number of NFTs held at each claim:

Important: Users will be able to claim daily and will have 14 days to claim their daily rewards. After 14 days, rewards will stop accumulating until the next claim is made.

Rewards are determined by the number of NFTs in your wallet. For example, if you have 2 KES NFTs, you can claim a total of (767 x 2) = 1,534 $KBL per month.

No additional KEIA NFTs will be minted after the KEIA airdrop takes place.

No additional SIWAS/KEY NFTs will be minted in 2024, with KES having its Max Supply already minted.

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