⭐Brand NFTs

Own your followers.

Brand NFTs is the term we've coined for NFTs linked to a personal or corporate brand.

Think of them as public certificates of the Creator-Fan relationship.

An original creator or brand creates an NFT Collection and distributes or sells these Brand NFTs to their community.

These Brand NFTs now serve as official, registered certificates of the fan-creator relationship.

Why should we use Brand NFTs?

Building a community is hard.

It demands a lot of time, money and effort.

But it's a worthwhile investment as communities are the driving force behind a brands success.

The problem lies in our approach since the advent of social media platforms — we've been doing it wrong.

We've been tenants. Never owners.

In Web2, the connection between a creator and their followers was controlled by major social media platforms. If you switched platforms, you couldn't take your community with you...

Because it was never really yours!

A platform could limit your audience reach, even worse, ban your connection with your audience. And just like that, all that time, money and effort could be gone in a second.

But now, that's about to change.

Thanks to Brand NFTs, we'll own the relationship with our followers, who will follow us across all Web3 platforms as long as they hold our NFTs.

And soon, there will be two types of communities: those we own and those we don't.

Creators and brands that understand and leverage Brand NFTs before others will enjoy a significant opportunity. They are the ones who will shape the future of Tokenized Communities.

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