Mint w/ New Metadata

Mint NFTs with new Metadata

Use this tool to mint NFTs with new Metadata details into an existing Collection.

The first 3 things you'll need before minting are:

  • A Token ID. Meaning, a Collection in which to mint your NFTs.

  • Amount to mint. How many NFTs you want to mint.

  • Mint Type. If you are minting identical or different NFTs.

  • Supply Key. The Token Supply Key will be required in the last step to sign the operation.

Minting Identical NFTs

When minting identical NFTs, you'll only need to define one NFT Metadata:

  • NFT Name*

  • NFT Creator Name*

  • NFT Description*

  • Attributes (Optional)

  • Files (Optional)

Minting Different NFTs

When minting different NFTs, first you'll need to provide a .Zip with all media files.

After successfully uploading the files, you'll have to input all NFTs Metadata through the Metadata Table, a spreadsheet you can easily interact with by typing, coping, pasting and even dragging cells.

And yes! You can copy and paste all your NFT Metadata directly from an Excel Sheet. Easy peasy!

Note that both Attributes and Files will be optional.

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