NFT Launchpad

The Self-Service NFT Launchpad

Use this tool to easily create, launch and manage your NFT Launchpads while staying in control.

Follow these stages to set up your Launchpad:

  1. NFT Selection.

  2. Project Information.

  3. Launchpad Design.

  4. Public Sale Details.

  5. Private Sale Details.

  6. Review & Control Panel.

The first step you'll need to take when creating your Launchpad is to select from which Collection you'd like to sell NFTs. Then click Start Creating and follow the next steps.

1. NFT Selection

In this initial stage, you'll begin by choosing the Launchpad management method you'd like to employ. We recommend using the "Sending NFTs" method. You can explore more details about each method by clicking on it.

Next, you'll need to specify which NFTs from your Collection you wish to offer for sale. You can opt to select all NFTs or choose specific ones to include in the Launchpad.

2. Information

In this section, you'll need to provide some essential information. Start by filling out the mandatory fields, including the Project Name, Project Description, and Project URL.

Additionally, you have the option to enhance your project's profile by adding links to your social media profiles, introducing team members, outlining your roadmap, and attaching any relevant supplementary documentation.

3. Launchpad Design

In the Design section, you'll design the storefront of your Launchpad with:

  • Banner (1400x300px)

  • Logo (200x200px)

  • NFT Showcase. Pick up to 20 images from your selected NFTs to showcase in your Launchpad.

The Banner will be the most important design element in your Launchpad. Take the time you need to design a nice Banner that works well with your logo and NFTs! ✨

*Web Custom iFrame. Soon you'll be able to embed the Launchpad in your own Website with an iFrame. As well as customize your Launchpad design to fit your Brand style.

4. Public Sale

This is the section where you'll define the Public Sale details and mint access conditions.

Please note that you have the option to include a Public Stage or solely have a Private Sale.

If you activate and offer the Public Sale Stage, these are the fields you'll need to fill:

  • Define Payment Token. You can choose from $HBAR, $USDC, $SAUCE, and $DOVU as available payment options. Additionally, you have the option to set the price fixed in $USD.

  • Define Public Price. The official public price, without discounts.

  • Define Public Sale Date. Specify the date when the Launchpad will go live and NFTs will become available for purchase.

  • Define Max Purchases per Transaction. Set the maximum number of NFTs per transaction. Please note a 10-second cooldown between purchases will be applied to prevent bots and ensure fair mints.

  • Introduce Sales Recipient's Account. This is the Account ID where NFT sales earnings will be sent after every purchase, minus the Launchpad commission.

  • Advanced Burn Options (Optional). Use this advanced feature to request buyers the transfer of specified tokens or NFTs as a request to purchase your NFTs.

Finally, you'll have the option to offer Public Discounts to specific Account IDs and/or NFTs.

5. Private Sale

Private Sale allows for full purchase customization, offering up to five private stages with varying timings and access criteria.

On each private stage you can define:

  • Access and Discounts by NFT Token ID. Define Stage access via NFTs, by introducing the required NFT Collection Token ID, the Max Mints, Discounted Price and Minimum amount of NFTs held to access the stage.

  • Access and Discounts by Account ID. Define Stage access via Account IDs, by introducing the specific Account IDs, providing the Max Mints and the Discounted Price.

  • Access and Discounts by NFT Token ID and Account ID.

  • Advanced Burn Options (Optional). This advanced feature allows you to request buyers to transfer specified tokens or NFTs as a means to purchase your NFTs

Please note that when using the Advanced Burn Option, you'll have to define the required NFTs and/or fungible tokens to be burned, as well as the required Access by Account ID or Token ID. So users will need to hold a specific NFT/Account and will have to burn (transfer) the required tokens defined in the Advanced Burn Panel, in order to purchase your NFTs.

6. Review

The final step is to review all details before confirming. To confirm, you'll need to pay the Launchpad Creation Fee and, if the Sending NFTs method has been selected, confirm the transfer of NFTs to Kabila's Treasury for Launchpad management immediately after payment.

After confirming and creating the Launchpad, you'll need to click on "Go Live" from your Control Panel in order to make your Launchpad visible and available to the public!

Within the Control Panel, you'll also be able to Pause your Launchpad to edit its details.

In addition don't forget to check the "Get Verified" section to apply for your Launchpad Verification mark.

When your Launchpad sells out or you wish to conclude it, click on 'End Launchpad.' If you selected 'Sending NFTs' as the Launchpad creation method, any unsold NFTs will be sent to your Treasury Account.

If you chose 'Admin Key' as the creation method, your Token Keys will be reset. Please make sure to record your new Token Keys in a secure location. It's crucial to copy them safely.

If you selected 'Allowance' as the creation method, the token allowance granted to Kabila will be removed from all NFTs.

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