Account Creation / Import

Learn how to create, import and manage Hedera accounts.

In order to create or import your Hedera accounts, make sure you've already downloaded and installed the Kabila Wallet.

If this is the first time you install and access your Kabila Wallet on your device, you'll need to create or import a Hedera account.

You'll observe that Hedera Account IDs differ in format from traditional Ethereum accounts. Hedera Accounts are typically represented in this format: 0.0.1234567

How to create a new Hedera account

Open the Kabila Wallet App and click on "Create a new account".

If this is the first time you're using the Wallet App you'll be required to set up a general password.

The Kabila Wallet is protected by a user-set general password, encrypting information locally for accessing and managing Hedera accounts. Note that the password is device-specific, requiring a new one for each installation. Losing the password may require re-importing accounts using recovery phrases. Keep your password secure, and above all, always ensure the safekeeping of your seed phrases!

Once you've set a new general password or entered an existing one, you'll be directed to the "Secure your Wallet" section, offering two choices:

  • Secure my wallet (Recommended). This option generates and displays the 24-Word Seed Phrase for your new account. We strongly advise selecting this option and keeping your Seed Phrase in a secure location.

  • Remind me later. Choose this option if you are unable to record your Seed Phrase in the moment. If you select this option, remember to later reveal your Seed Phrase in the Settings menu and document it securely.

The Seed Phrase or Secret Recovery Phrase is a 24-word key that serves as the master key to your account and its funds. Each account has its unique Seed Phrase.

Never share your Secret Recovery Phrase with anyone.

Keep in mind that if you lose your Seed Phrase, no one can help you recover it, not even Kabila.

When you click on 'Secure my wallet,' a new Secret Recovery Phrase will be generated.

Take your time to carefully write down the 24-word Seed Phrase in a safe place before proceeding.

The process to import an already created account is similar, with the only difference being that during the import, you'll be asked to fill in all 24 fields of your Seed Phrase.

Afterwards, you'll be prompted to fill in a few empty fields to confirm that you have accurately transcribed your Seed Phrase. If all fields are correctly completed...

Congrats! Your new account will be successfully created!

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