🀝Tokenized Communities

A Community that's truly yours.

Tokenized Communities are groups of people who own one or more tokens from the same creator or brand.

Either fungible or non-fungible tokens (Brand NFTs).

Tokenized Communities are also referred to as NFT Communities or Web3 Communities.

Typically, Brand NFTs are the way to go for creators or small to mid-size brands that want to tokenize their community. While fungible tokens, generally known as cryptocurrencies, are more suited for larger projects due to the complexity and resources needed to launch and manage such tokens.

Okay, but why should one tokenize their community in the first place? 🧐

Or why should someone become an NFT holder? πŸ‘€

Here are some reasons to launch or access NFT Communities:

Benefits of launching an NFT Community

Many brands and creators are starting to tokenize their communities for the following reasons:

  • Audience Ownership. Decentralized Apps facilitate the connection between NFT creators and NFT holders. Every time a creator or brand logs into a Social DApp, they instantly have all their community there to connect and engage.

  • Monetization Control. When a creator or brand owns the relationship with their audience, they can have a much deeper control over monetization. A higher reach and a more fair economic compensation for the value they provide.

  • Increased Engagement. Tokenized communities are a lot more loyal than regular ones. Thanks to interest alignment, brands and creators can forge much deeper bonds with their audiences. At Kabila, we've measured engagement increases of +150% after NFT mints!

  • Effortless Fundraising. Getting funding to kickstart a project can be very challenging and out of reach for many. Brand NFTs are democratizing access to funding, allowing creators and brands to easily crowdfund with NFT sales with the support of their communities.

  • Royalty Incentives. Healthy and active NFT communities translate to several NFT transactions every day. And with each transaction, the brand or creator gets a small fee, normally ranging from 5 to 10% of the total purchase price. A great incentive!

Some Brand NFTs can be PFPs, which are unique digital avatars for profile pictures. In a PFP NFT Collection, each NFT is a distinct digital artwork with different traits. Owners display these NFT avatars on their profiles, and rarity and uniqueness make them more valuable. It's a trendy way for people to express themselves digitally and show others what tribe they belong to!

Benefits of joining an NFT Community

When brands and creators get it right, being part of an NFT Community can offer several benefits:

  • Being part of a Tribe. Human beings are inherently social creatures, and the sense of belonging is a significant motivator for joining NFT communities that one likes, respects, or admires. And sometimes, it's just for the fun of it! The desire to belong is a powerful force.

  • Access to Networking. Depending on your interests, being part of an NFT community can open many doors for you and provide access to valuable contacts that you wouldn't otherwise have access to. In most NFT Communities there's direct communication with the founders.

  • Access to Benefits. More and more, NFT communities offer utility. That is, benefits for holding your NFTs, such as: early access to new products/services, private community chats, discounts, personalized gifts, token gated content, community events, etc.

  • Economic Incentives. Brand NFTs can resemble a lot to those rare PokΓ©mon cards that increased their price in the market due to their scarcity and big community interest. Brand NFTs can represent a very strong economic motivator for holders to support and participate in a tokenized community.

  • Industry Authority. NFT Communities don't lie. As everything gets publicly registered on the chain, being early and active participants of respected tokenized communities, can help its holders get recognition and exposure in their respective fields.

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